The Brevard Schools Foundation Mini-Grants Program

Health First and the Brevard Schools Foundation have partnered together during this school year to create a mini-grants program. Teachers from Title I schools apply for funding to support initiatives and programs that focus on health and wellness activities and have measurable outcomes. Awards are based on:

Projects demonstrating a business and/or parent involvement receive bonus points.

For the 2015 fall semester, Health First awarded its "Making Kids Healthy" grants to the following programs:

Hoover Middle School, “We Have Our Eyes on You”:

Physical education teachers are required by their standards to provide students with feedback on skills, help detect and correct students’ mechanical errors, and demonstrate the principles, elements, and biomechanics necessary for safe and successful performances in a variety of sports skills. As part of this project physical education students will work in pairs to demonstrate and evaluate sports skills to include: running a mile, serving in volleyball, shooting basketballs, throwing a softball, and dribbling soccer balls. Students will research their skills using print and electronic resources from the school’s media center. Students will synthesize this information along with the skills taught by their physical education teacher to demonstrate their group’s assigned skill. Students will also help create a portion of the project rubric to include the specific skills their activity should require. As the students perform their skills, they will record their actions using the Coach’s Eye app on iPods. This application will also students to record themselves in motion, instantly review the view, and use the program’s tools to break down their movements, frame-by-frame with slow motion playback, add commentary, or draw lines and arrows on the video to show proper alignment and form. Research shows this use of technology encourages and motivates physical education students. Students will use their Google Apps for Education accounts to upload and share their complete videos with their classmates. These video projects will be shown to the physical education students in the media center, and allow them to not only provide one another with feedback, but also learn from each other’s videos. Students will the re-perform their skills after being provided with feedback to demonstrate improvement. State standard PE.7.M.1.8 asks teachers and students to, “Apply technology to evaluate, monitor, and improve individual skill performance.” This project will allow the physical education students to meet this standard along with learning several more priority standards.

Clearlake Education Center - ESE (special education), Greenhouse Project:

The Clearlake BLAST (Brevard Learners Achieving Successful Transition) Greenhouse Project’s mission is to complete our hydroponic greenhouse that is used as an assistive technology project for our students with disabilities. They grow fruits and vegetables to sell within the community as part of our School Based Enterprise. They will also use the food during their meal planning and cooking activities in the learning environment to help them achieve the goal of independent living. We want to be able to have equipment installed before the spring planting season. This project engages all team members/post graduates in problem solving inquiry-based activities through the use of high level questioning techniques, discovery learning, shared inquiry/Socratic discussions that generate real world applications. The grant applications for the 2016 Spring semester are currently being reviewed and will be awarded in late January.

Supporting health and wellness of children in our area schools is just one of the many ways Health First gives back.