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CAREshift Upgrade

What is CAREshift Upgrade?

On September 26, 2011 Patient Care Units at all four facilities will upgrade from our current CAREshift process to CAREshift upgrade, which is a Kronos based, more advanced scheduling application. The CAREshift Upgrade will incorporate unit core  schedules, time off requests, shift swaps and open shift requests electronically via this application. The associates of the
Patient Care Service Units will have access to the CAREshift Upgrade from either work or home. One particularly interesting feature of the CAREshift Upgrade is the Mobile Scheduling functionality. If a nursing unit has an available shift that requires coverage the nursing unit can send a mass notification to numerous qualified associates directly from the scheduling application to the associate’s home phone, cell phone, by voice mail, text message or e-mail. The associate can respond to accept or decline the shift immediately by phone or text. If the associate is assigned the shift they will be notified immediately.

What are the differences between CAREshift and CAREshift Upgrade?

There is no enrollment necessary if you work in one of the 60 Patient Care Units. You are automatically participating. The CAREshift Upgrade posts the core schedule for an associate’s unit as well as the open shifts for all non home unit locations. As an associate you will enter your requests for time off and shift swaps to your manager through the scheduler electronically. When you login to the CAREshift Upgrade you will not only have access to scheduling information, you will be able to access your time card and you will have the opportunity to send and receive e-mail communication from your manager,  scheduler or your peers related to scheduling information.

What is similar between CAREshift and CAREshift Upgrade?

The current six week schedule cycle will carry over into the CAREshift Upgrade. Open shifts at all facilities will be visible to qualified associates.  The status of all of your requests will be visible when you login to the application.  Open shifts are posted on CAREshift Upgrade after the base schedule for full-time and part-time benefitted and nonbenefitted associates is completed.

What do you need to do now?

Between now and go live on 9/26/2011 go to Self Service and update your PeopleSoft contact information, specifically phone numbers and e-mail.  The week of go live, find the CAREshift Upgrade super users in your department and sit with them to get
familiar with the application. In no time you will be an expert.




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