Hand Pain

Hands and wrists may be the most common areas treated by the Orthopedic Specialists at Health First. As the mainline to many daily functions - from getting dressed to communicating with others, a tinge or constant pain can be a real detriment to your everyday activities.

Common ailments include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Stenosing Tenosynovitis (Trigger Finger), Dupuytren's Disease, DeQuervain Syndrome, Inflammation of the Tendon Sheath or traumatic injuries such as tendon lacerations and fractures.

Non-Surgical Care

Diagnoses for hand and wrist pain are varied, and if possible, non-surgical treatments are explored first. Treatments may include a regimen of anti-inflammatory medication, splints, casts, stretching, or even strength training.

Surgical Care

Depending on the nature and extent of an injury, surgical care may be the best option to relieve pain and regain mobility. Fortunately, hand or wrist surgeries are generally outpatient procedures and often minimally invasive.

Which Treatment is Right For Me?

Research is a great place to start but it is no substitute for a personal consultation with a Health First Orthopedic Specialist. Whether your appointment results in a diagnosis or serves as a valued second opinion, Health First puts you one step closer to a life free of joint pain.

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