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What is Home Care?

Many people are choosing to receive medical treatments at home rather than dealing with the pain and inconvenience of traveling to a doctor's office, hospital, or rehabilitation center when you're not well or are recovering from an illness. Anyone who has a medical condition requiring skilled care that cannot be provided solely by family members or friends can benefit from home care services. Care consists of short-term assistance following a hospitalization, outpatient surgery, maternity-related incapacity, illness, or injury that affects an individual's ability to leave home to get treatment.

Health First Home Care services are available to anyone who has an order from a physician in the State of Florida. We can also work with out-of-state physicians to find a local physician. You can also ask your physician for a referral.

Why choose Health First Home Care?
Paying for Home Care
Differences between Skilled Home Care, Private Duty Nursing, and Hospice
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Why choose Health First Home Care?
We can tell you many reasons why you should choose Health First Home Care ?? but we would rather let our patients tell you. The following are actual letters from some of our former patients:

"Dear Health First Home Care,

We would like to commend our Health First Home Care nurse. She has been my nurse since I have been receiving Health First Home Care after my surgery on May 30, 2012. She was always on time and had a genuine concern for me ... This attitude has made her into a wonderful conscientious nurse as well as an encourager and teacher. There were many days my husband and I would feel discouraged and overwhelmed with [my] health issues... We feel that I am getting hospital quality treatments with the comfort of home, without the hospital expense and risk of infection. Thank you, Health First Home Health, for serving your patients in such a kind, loving and gentle manner."

—Mr. and Mrs. B

"My Health First Home Care nurse was a pleasure. She was very professional, never late, always kind, and tried her best to keep me pain free."
—Health First Home Care patient

Paying for Home Care
If the patient has Medicare A benefits, Health First Home Care services may be available at no cost to the patient. We also accept many private payers, Medicaid, and managed care plans. Your insurance coverage will vary according to your plan provisions. Health First Home Care will screen your insurance plan and confirm your level of coverage prior to providing health care services.

It's a good idea to contact your insurance company. Knowing how your insurance company will pay your claim and if they are a participating provider will help you avoid unexpected costs later. Each patient is responsible for knowing his or her insurance coverage, including the participating providers. Health First has contracts with a number of managed care organizations including:

Health First Medicare
Health First Commercial
United Commercial
Vocational Rehab
First Health
Worker's Compensation
Christian Care Medi-Share
Golden Rule United

Should you have any questions or concerns about which insurers and provider networks Health First Home Care has entered into a contractual relationship with, please call us at 321-434-5909. For your convenience, you may also contact us via email at

Differences between Skilled Home Care, Private Duty Nursing, and Hospice

There are some basic differences between Home Care, Private Duty Nursing, and Hospice. The biggest difference is that Home Care is typically short-term care for transitioning patients from hospital to home. Private Duty Nursing is a longer-term commitment for those needing more consistent, daily care. Hospice provides care for those diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Contact Us
Health First Home Care Main Office
3566 N. Harbor City Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32935
P: 321-434-5909
F: 321-676-5824

Health First Home Care covers all of Brevard County, and part of Indian River County. Our Accreditation by The Joint Commission means Health First Homes Care has met rigorous standards in the healthcare industry.
Provider # HHA21032-0962

Our Team
Our Team is Part of Your Team Health First Home Care has a dedicated team of professionals who offer support and guidance to you and your daily caregivers as they provide for your medical needs at home. Based on your needs, our team of professionals will develop a home care plan in coordination with you and your physician. This plan will include education and training for you and your family to facilitate your recovery. We offer a dedicated team who will work tirelessly to provide you with the highest quality service available. Our team includes:

Medical Doctor - Physician providing guidance, leadership, oversight and quality assurance of the care provided by Health First Home Care.

Registered Nurses - provide one-on-one care and assess the effectiveness of your treatment to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive, high-quality, and appropriate care possible.

Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapists - Physical Therapists assess movement problems in patients and prescribe exercises to treat their problems. Speech Therapists work with patients who have difficulty speaking-perhaps due to a stroke or other brain injury. They teach patients exercises to improve the quality of their speech. Occupational Therapists treat patients who have difficulty with fine motor skills when performing activities of daily living, such as being able to feed or dress themselves.

Medical Social Workers - The social worker provides education and links patients to community resources to provide any medical, psychological, or social assistance that may be needed.

Home Health Aides - work closely with a healthcare professional such as a nurse and provide basic healthcare needs, such as changing dressings, checking a patient's temperature and pulse rate, and helping with artificial limbs or walking aids.


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