Before & After

“The impact on my life has been nothing but positive.”

LivFit Member
Age: 63

  • Ditched: 80 lbs. (and 5-6 dress sizes)
  • Past Extreme: An all-gelatin diet (pre-LivFit)
  • Why LivFit Works: “It’s a way of life that you can count on for the rest of your life.” Also credits the program for balancing all three legs of the weight loss trifecta: nutritional, physical and behavioral/emotional.
  • Healthy Habits: Fills up on baby cucumbers and salad. Keeps a food journal. Enjoys dessert, but only three bites. Swims, walks and bikes.
  • Mental Freedoms: No longer has to worry about fitting into an amusement park ride, or having a heart attack due to weight.
  • Celebratory Measures: Putting on a swimsuit. Buying the car she wanted because she can “finally fit into it”. Catching her reflection in the store window and doing a double take.

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