Before & After

“It's a totally brand new life!”

LivFit Member
Age: 39

  • Weight Shed: Over 22 lbs.
  • Also Gone: 11 inches. 3 dress sizes. Being at high risk of diabetes.
  • Why LivFit Works: Has the “freedom to choose what to eat and when to eat it”—including carbs! Also attributes the “education and customization aspect”.
  • Style “Scores”: Slipping into a bikini again. Having the confidence to take fashion risks. Enjoying a clearer complexion, which makes any outfit look better.
  • Running Tally: Went from not being able to run half of a mile to completing a half-marathon. She also has eleven 5k’s, and one 10k under her belt.
  • Other Healthy Habits: Reads the labels on food products. Stays on top of calories. Supplements the 25-30 miles/week she runs with Zumba.

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