Before & After

"A Year later, you look at yourself, and you're 100 lbs. lighter. And you made it."

NewFit Patient
Age: 48

  • Medical Milestones: Pre-Surgical Weight-Woes: High cholesterol. High blood pressure. Sleep apnea. Borderline diabetes.
  • Weight-Related Achievements: Lost 120 lbs. Went from size 28 to losing more than half her clothing size. Can wrap a bath towel entirely around her, and then some!
  • Non-Scale Victories: Tying her shoes without holding her breath. Tackling a flight of stairs without sitting down. No longer spending $100 every month on medication.
  • Distant Nightmares: Having to 'change sleeping positions 100 times a night'. Using a CPAP machine. Snoring.
  • Looks Forward To:Running and playing with her grandchildren. Retiring alongside her husband.
  • Healthy Habits: Eats right. Consumes small portions. Learned the power of protein.

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