Before & After

“The surgery has been a game-changer for me.”

NewFit Patient
Age: 64

  • Procedure Type: Gastric Bypass
  • Down: 100 lbs.
  • Also Said “Bye” To: 30 inches from the midsection, 12 inches off the waste, and 4 neck sizes.
  • Health Wins: Stopped all medication, including blood pressure and diabetes meds. No longer has joint pain.
  • Fitness Regimen: Hits the gym 3x a week. Reunites with the racquetball court weekly (after a 22-year weight-related hiatus). “Fuels progress” by weighing himself post-workout, once a week.
  • Milestone Moments: Being able to run behind his granddaughter while teaching her to ride a bike. Taking his wife dancing. Sporting a beach towel around his waste.
  • Looks forward to: Being around long enough to watch his grandchildren graduate college and get married.

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