Before & After

"This Is The Best Thing I've Done In My Life.“

NewFit Patient
Age: 55

  • Bariatric Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
  • Pounds Down: 180 lbs.
  • Other Size Success: Went from XXXL to a size 8. Dropped 16 inches off her waist.
    Reduced BMI from 50 to 28.
  • Health Wins: Off blood pressure medicine. Down to just one osteoarthritis shot a year. Saved her knees, which were on their last leg.
  • Go-To Activities: Biking, swimming, hiking, skiing, scuba diving, and zip lining—to name a few.
  • Also Swears By: Smaller portions, Greek yogurt, protein shakes, keeping a nutrition journal, loading up on fruits & veggies.
  • Biggest Surprises: No longer craves fried food, carbs or sugar. Doesn’t miss food or the act of eating. Almost never feels hungry.
  • More Everyday Bonuses: No longer feels “trapped” inside her body. Gets to do so many things she gave up years ago. Can pick out new jeans in a snap.

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