Before & After

“I Feel Like I Did 20 Years Ago.”

NewFit Patient
Age: 56

  • Bariatric Procedure: Gastric Sleeve (performed robotically)
  • Total Weight Lost: 108 lbs.
  • Additional Weight Wins: Went from a 44-pant size to a 38. Dropped more than 5 inches from his waist. Left 'yo-yo' dieting' in the dust.
  • Surgical Souvenir: 'I carry Dr. Allison's card in my pocket,' divulges the proud patient. 'I say: I had the Gastric Sleeve and here's the guy who did it.'
  • Non-Scale Victories: Before, he could barely walk without getting winded. Now, he's able to give his soccer-playing granddaughter a 'run for her money'.
  • Stay-Fit Secrets: Crams out cardio 3-4 times/week, traded in 'wings and fries' for yogurt and 4 oz. portions of shrimp.
  • Health Snapshot: Is in the process of ditching diabetes (was on 4 pills per day and is now down to 1). Is also enjoying lower cholesterol, normal triglycerides and freedom from future heart problems.
  • Looks Forward To: Living longer. Living Healthier. Not having to take insulin.

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